Sunny Govan Radio

Sunny Govan Radio (or Sunny G) is a community radio station based in Govan, Glasgow, Scotland. It is owned and operated by the Sunny Govan Community Radio Group. It focuses on local news and community events. The station also broadcasts music, sports and other programmes. The station’s mission is to bring the community together in a positive way by sharing news, music and ideas.

Sunny Govan has been around for nearly 40 years. When it first started, the station was struggling to survive. The threat of closure had left many presenters broadcasting from their homes. However, Sunny Govan stayed and fought to save the station. Here are some of their success stories. Sunny Govan radio is still one of the largest community radio stations in Glasgow.

Sunny G Community Radio started broadcasting from an old police station in August 1998. It converted a former interrogation room into a radio studio, which aired programmes aimed at empowering the community and promoting positive messages. The station played live music by local musicians, as well as a wide range of topics. This included news, vital information, and even Scheme songs.

Despite the community radio station’s success, Sunny G has struggled financially in recent months. Its income has been steadily falling for the last year, and auditors have issued a warning about the station’s future. The financial crisis has also hit Sunny Govan, and the station may have to close down.