Sunny Govan

Sunny Govan Radio, or Sunny G, is a community radio station based in Govan, Scotland. The station is owned and operated by the Sunny Govan Community Radio Group. They produce a range of music, news, and sport programming. Their mission is to provide local people with access to a variety of music genres and styles.

Sunny Govan Radio began broadcasting in Govan in March 2007. The station serves the underrepresented voices in the Govan area of Glasgow. In 2016, the radio station renamed itself to reflect its mission. This new identity will give the station a more inclusive feel. Until then, Sunny G Radio remained a largely local broadcaster, broadcasting news, music, and community programs.

Sunny Govan Community Radio offers training and development opportunities for those who want to be involved. The organization provides guidance and develops motivating relationships to empower volunteers and staff to grow within the community. By promoting a positive, inclusive environment, Sunny Govan aims to promote a diverse range of talents within the community. It is also committed to supporting local people in improving their volunteering roles and securing employment.

The community radio station is based in Govan and offers local news, discussion shows on issue-based topics, health and environmental issues, and community-based programmes. It also features a range of local music, with an emphasis on local artists and musicians.