Roofing – Factors To Consider Before Installing A Roof

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Homeowners frequently inquire about roofing repairs. A damaged roof can significantly decrease the property’s market value. However, repairing roofing should not be put off as it is often an easy and inexpensive solution to keeping your roof in good condition. Residential roofs are usually constructed of asphalt shingles, clay tile, wood, and composite stone. Asphalt shingles are by far the most popular and therefore typically cheapest roofing material available. Other advantages include ease of installation, a wide array of styles and colours, and suitability for virtually all climates.

The Secret Of Roofing – Factors To Consider Before Installing A Roof

Asphalt shingles are one of the most durable roofing materials, which makes them the ideal choice for high-traffic areas. Furthermore, asphalt shingles is also one of the strongest, most shock-absorbent roofing materials available. Unfortunately, asphalt shingles require regular maintenance and repairs, making roofing a potentially expensive long-term investment. Furthermore, asphalt shingles have a one-time cost that makes roofing a poor long-term investment if one decides to sell their home in the future.

Ceramic tile is a less expensive roofing option that can also withstand extreme weather conditions and high winds. Additionally, tiles are easy to install, do not need extensive repairs, and have a one-time cost that makes roofing a great low-cost investment for homeowners. However, installing ceramic tile can be quite difficult, can be noisy and can be quite slippery when wet. Roofing tiles also need to be cleaned regularly to prevent algae build-up, which requires manual labour. Finally, a ceramic tile roof will need to be replaced annually, whereas a clay tile roof will only need to be replaced once annually. Lastly, a clay roof will not last as long as a ceramic tile roof in a high wind environment.

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