Which Type of Roofing is Best For You?

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Residential roofs are typically made of asphalt, clay or slate, but sometimes other types of material are used. Asphalt shingles are the most popular and typically the least expensive roofing product. Other advantages include the variety of styles and colours, ease of installation, and suitability for all climates. When shopping for your roof, make sure you research the different roofing materials to determine which one is best for your home. It is important to know that asphalt shingles will deteriorate over time.

How To Make Your Which Type Of Roofing Is Best For You?

Vinyl is also an alternative to asphalt roofing products. It is less expensive than asphalt shingles, but has the same weather resistant qualities. The biggest disadvantage is that it does not offer the variety in colours and styles as shingles do. Most homes with vinyl roofs are in single colour but there are some building where they are available in different colours such as red and yellow.

Another roofing option is slate roof shingles. Asphalt tiles are no longer the only choice, as they are no longer deemed to be cost effective, especially when compared to the long term cost of repair or replacement. They also have the same durability issues as shingles do, although slate roofing is much more fire resistant and therefore, not used on many commercial buildings. Slate roofing is available in various colours and styles and is one of the most stylish roofing products available today. It can add a great aesthetic flair to any home.

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